Dates is a fruitful and beneficial product bearing all kinds of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. Having dark and brown layers sweet taste and enriched syrup set Dates apart from other Fruits and Nuts. Dates can be subcategorized into various and numerous names which are on everyone's lips when it comes to Commercial Terms. There are different kinds of dates and each type has a unique form and shape. Date is an appetizer which prevent from cancer of digestive system, improve gastrointestinal function, helps to relieve nervous tensions and treatments of diseases such as Anemia and high fat level.

Melody Golde Nuts presents a variety of dates including Piarum, Zahedi, Rabbi and Khasouei in Economical and Gift packages from 200 Grams to 1 Kilogram.

Melody Golden Nuts
Piarum Date
Piarum date is delicious, meaty and Semi-Dry with 15% moisture. The color of this unique date is dark brown. Piarum Dates have thin skin and because of its low sugar it is suitable for diabetic people. It is mostly organic and does not use any chemicals at harvest and it is noted this king of date is washable. The size of Piarum date is between 4-6 cm and the harvest time is middle of September.
Melody Golden Nuts
Zahedi Date
Zahedi Date have yellow color, meaty body and having moisture less than other kinds of Dates, (less than 14%). Zahedi Dates are being mostly used for industrial purpose. It also has too much sugar and its shape is short about 3.5 cm, oval and thick. This yellow sweet Date, which is full of energy and essential vitamins and minerals, is popular in Russia, Ukraine, India, Pakistan and UAE markets. This harvest time for this Date is September but the product is available from October to March.
Melody Golden Nuts
Rabbi Date
Rabbi Date is a semi-dried date fruit which can be kept in normal temperature of room. Due to the natural nutritious substances it has high nutritious value. The vital substances of this fruit are Lactose and Fructose which are rich sources of natural sugar and is not harmful for those who are suffered from high blood sugar.
Melody Golden Nuts
Khasouei Date
Khasouei Date is a small and round one. It is sweet and tasty and its harvest time is October and November. Depending on the variety and the area of growing, it usually appears in different colors from light golden yellow to light brown, from red to dark brown and from deep red to dark purple.