Saffron, obtained from a flower of the same name, is a condiment used for thousands of years in the world for its color, its taste and for its therapeutic properties. The climate which is suitable for this flower is dry and cold and more than 1000 meters of altitude; the saffron that comes from those regions always has the best quality. The nickname of this valuable spice is the red gold.

Saffron is obtained from the saffron crocus, a flower that has lilac colored petals. If you look at the crocus close up, you will notice that there are three orange strands in the centre of the flower. These strands or stigmas as they are also known are the un-dried saffron strands that we use in cooking. The saffron stigmas can only be picked by hand in order to remove them from the plant. It takes 225,000 stigmas to make up 1 lb of saffron spice. As there are only three stigmas to each flower, this means that 75,000 flowers are used to make up this small amount and this is why the spice is so expensive. Saffron has always being considered very valuable. In fact, at one point it was even used as currency. It forms part of the culinary culture of different regions in the world.

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